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A Collection of Children's Books, a Young Adult Book,
Cookbook & a Holiday Book

Children's books

Young Adult Book


Fraser Children's book series

Tastes of Aspen


by best selling author Jill Sheeley

Jill is an accomplished author and chef. She has lived in Aspen for over 51 years fulfilling a life long dream of writing and publishing books. She is also passionate about children's education. She utilizes her books as a means to motivate children to read as well as help others realize their dream to write.

Jill's newest book, Those Were The Days - Memories of an Aspen Hippie Chick is now out and available. Jill spent five years writing and publishing her memoir from her days living in Aspen in the 1970's. She relays her many jobs, her passion for skiing and weaves in stories of characters and events that took place during those years. It's mostly funny and upbeat. She added a Photo Gallery of the many wonderful photos she collected from the archives of the Aspen Times. Realizing that both of her cookbooks are now out of print, she added some recipes from restaurants that are now classics in the Recipe section.

You can buy the book on Amazon here.

Jill, Fraser & Maggie
Jill with her Labrador Retrievers, Maggie & Fraser

As a young mother, and after reading hundreds of books to her daughter Courtney, she began writing the Fraser series of children's adventure books.

Fraser's Memoir, is the featured book for the month of April. The book is told from Fraser The Yellow Lab's perspective. Children love the fact that they are reading a story written by their favorite pooch!

Says Fraser "I'm writing my life's story because I felt it was about time to tell "all" and pass on what I've learned. There's something for everyone in my book."

Her 1st book, Christmas in Aspen was written as a tribute to the wonderful people of Aspen. Next, she combined her love of cooking with her love of writing, resulting in the cookbook Lighter Tastes of Aspen.

Jill is now offering many of the whimsical illustrations from Fraser's adventure books for sale. Please contact her directly to discuss and purchase.

Jill Sheeley has made numerous school visits and speaker engagements around the world. At these visits she reads her books directly to students, teaches writing workshops and describes how a book is written & published. She also talks about her success as a writer and publisher and how her fascination in food, children, dogs and the outdoors lead to her career.

For more information and to invite Jill Sheeley to your school, please see school visits.

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Holiday book


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