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School Visits with Jill Sheeley

Jill Sheeley & her dog visit schools around the world. At these visits she reads her books directly to students, teaches writing workshops and describes how a book is written & published.

For more information about inviting Jill Sheeley to visit your school please contact her directly at (970) 379-2224 or email her at jill@jillsheeleybooks.com.

Following are a few testimonials for Fraser and Jill:

"Having Jill Sheeley visit my art and writing class, showing her books in various stages of completion, was right in line with the drafting and planning lessons we were covering. For kids to see the hard work and multiple attempts it takes for grown-ups to get it right, it’s a valuable lesson, helping them to stick to it, and not give up until their work’s done in a way they can be proud of.

Tom Alpern

"What do you get when mix a big yellow lab, a room full of students and the author Jill Sheeley? Pure enthusiasm to grab her books and read! Students at Strawberry Park Elementary in Steamboat Springs, CO were delighted to host Jill Sheeley in the spring of 2006. She not only shared the writing process with students, but she brings adventures from her books to life as she shares her stories. Our students love her, and adore Fraser. Our teachers were thrilled to have an authentic opportunity for students to see the writing process from a writer. Librarians, like myself just love the excitement she brings to reading. We are all anxious for the next Fraser adventure to be released. Jill's books keep flying of the shelf by our students who still remember meeting Fraser and his amazing real life adventures. She is an author that is a must see for any school with students who have a love for dogs and crave the adventures found in the great outdoors of the Rocky Mountains."

Sherry Holland
Library Media Specialist
Strawberry Park Elementary
Steamboat Springs, CO

“One of the highlights of first grade literacy is Jill Sheeley’s annual visit with her faithful Lab Fraser. The children are spellbound as they listen to Jill read about Fraser’s adventures. Whether on a ski mountain or on a raft trip, Fraser is the hero that young children can relate to. Many of my students have used the “Fraser idea” in their own creative writing.”

Katherine Reppa
Aspen Elementary School
Aspen, Colorado

"Jill Sheeley visited my Fourth and Fifth Grade classes at Aspen Country Day School this spring, and she was a utterly delightful.  A Pre-K class also sat in, and she managed to keep pre-schoolers, as well as my older students, enthralled and inspired.  Not only are Jill Sheeley's books well written and fun for all ages, but they embody the true essence of the Aspen Ideal: a connection to the wilderness, a love for all animals, friendship, courage, and adventure.  I highly recommend Jill Sheeley, both as an author, and as a speaker and educator.  If you can't invite her to speak in person, then her many diverse and playful books will speak for themselves, touching the lives both of children and of children at heart."

Annie Garrett
Fourth and Fifth Grade Humanities Teacher
Aspen Country Day School  

"My name is Paula Prikryl. I am a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at the Aspen Country Day School. One of the highlights of our year is when Jill comes to our school and reads the Fraser books to my students and the older children. Afterwords she opens it up for questions. The children almost always want to know how she comes up with the plots and what is involved in writing and publishing a book. It would not be Spring in my classroom without Jill her dog Maggie and the Fraser Stories."

Paula Prikryl
Pre-Kindergarten teacher
Aspen Country Day

Dear Jill,

"I wanted to add my thanks to those of the kids from the morning session of the Aspen Writers’ Foundation’s kids camp. We all loved seeing you and Fraser. It was great for the kids to get a physical sense of book production, of how you write and think about books. They were astounded by the idea of 200 revisions. They always want to hear about you and Fraser and enjoy your presence whenever they have the chance.

Thank you."

Susan Benner

Dear Jill

"You are so terrific! Thank you for the very fun and educational presentation you gave my class last Thursday. They are still talking about it. You made a huge impact on their outlook concerning writing. The students are in the process of writing you thank you notes.

Thanks again. Can’t wait for next year!"

Kellie Schenck
5th grade teacher
Aspen Middle School
Aspen, Colorado

Dear Jill,

"I just wanted to let you know how much Sam enjoyed and was inspired by your presentation. He liked having your illustrator talk about her role. We just came back from a trip and lo and behold, he kept a journal—thanks to you. Sometimes certain special events really click with kids and for Sam, your presentation really clicked for him!


Joni, mom of Sam
Carbondale Elementary School student

Dear Jill,

"I just love the book and everything else. When I first got the package, I screamed because I was so excited and after that, I called my mom to tell her about the new book. I will be in the 5th grade and that means it is my last year to George Elementary. Winston and Millie (her dogs) are doing great. How is Fraser and Maggie doing? We have been very busy…….


Meg, Winston and Millie

The Children's books:

Adventures of Fraser the Yellow Dog, Rescue on Snowmass Mountain, Adventures of Fraser the Yellow Dog, Rescue on Vail Mountain, Adventures of Fraser the Yellow Dog, Rescue on Star Mountain, Adventures of Fraser the Yellow Dog, Rescue on Aspen Mountain, Adventures of Fraser the Yellow Dog, Rescue in Cougar Canyon The World According to Fraser, Adventures of Fraser the Yellow Dog, Rescue at Maroon Bells.


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