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The Blue Bottle,
A Caribbean Adventure

The Blue Bottle


In February 2009, Jill released her first Young Adult novel—The Blue Bottle. If you’ve read Jill’s books about Fraser the Yellow Dog, you’ll be delighted to know that Courtney, Fraser and Maggie are still going on adventures. In this new novel involving travel and mystery, Courtney (now 15 years old), her parents and Fraser and Maggie move from Aspen, Colorado to a Caribbean island for one year to run a beach bar to take out sailing excursions. Meanwhile, a new character, Natalie (also 15) from Florida, decides to set sail with two kind strangers for a separate adventure. Find out how Courtney, Fraser and Maggie finally meet Natalie in this novel of twisted fates.
For ages—10-adult.

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Odyssey Expeditions - Tropical Marine Biology Voyages For Teenagers

Readers: ages 10-adult
Author: Jill Sheeley
Illustrations: Tan Gillespie


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